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What does the CBD law say? An overview in Italy and abroad

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Cosa dice la legge sul CBD?

The cultivation of hemp in Italy is regulated by the law 2 /december 2016, n. 42 , “Provisions for the promotion of the cultivation and agro-industrial supply chain of hemp” and entered into force on 14 January 2017. With this law it is established that “The cultivation of varieties of hemp … is allowed without the need for authorization “and that” … if at the end of the check the overall THC content of the cultivation is greater than 0.2 percent and within the limit of 0.6 percent, no liability is paid by the farmer who has complied with the provisions of this law “

So before buying or producing light cannabis products, always make sure that the CBD content respects the limits.

– Our products all have a THC% lower than 0.2% –

What is the situation in other countries? With different response times, each state is adapting and it seems that the real benefits of this substance are beginning to be understood.
In Europe, most states allow their production and consumption, but there are also those who limit or totally prohibit their diffusion.

One of them is Belgium . Cannabis Sativa is in fact part of the plants that cannot be grown, the same fate for CBD in Slovakia

There are many states where consumption and production are limited.

Among these is Germany . According to the law, the sale of CBD products is allowed only for medical, commercial and cultivation purposes. Recreational use is excluded. The THC content must in any case be less than 0.2%. Corrections and clarifications followed which basically brought the situation of CBD in Germany to the present state: CBD flowers are illegal, (isolated) oil is considered a drug, therefore it must be taken under medical prescription, coffee and tea CBD bases can be placed in limbo as the law is unclear about it. Full spectrum oil is freely salable, as long as the thc level is less than 0.2%

In Ireland , only oil extracted with cold pressing is legal, other methods, such as extraction by CO2 or other solvents, is illegal

In Norway , which is not part of the EU, for a product to be marketable it must have a zero THC percentage, the same goes for Sweden .

In Russia the situation is somewhat controversial because THC, its isomers and derivatives of tetracannabinol are prohibited. The cbd is not present in the list even if it is a THC isomer at all effects.

In Usa the situation varies from state to state. In general, it is legal in most states, some with restrictions or certification requests. There are no restrictions in Illinois, Hawaii or new Jersey, while CBD-based foods are not allowed in California. It is absolutely prohibited in Idaho, Iowa and South Dakota. If you want to see the complete list in the USA the find here . A this link a summary map of the whole world

In any case, it is always better to get informed in advance and in depth on the rules that regulate the consumption of CBD in a given country.

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