proprietà del cbd

Properties and benefits of CBD. Truth (and not) about cannabidiol

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proprietà del cbd

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a natural substance (cannabinoid) present in cannabis that has relaxing properties and acts as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antiemetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic

In this article we will address some of the most popular myths about CBD trying to clarify the real properties and benefits of this substance.

There is no scientific proof that CBD has therapeutic effects. FALSE

There are several studies that scientifically demonstrate that CBD is effective in treating certain diseases. For example, a 2014 Italian study showed that CBD-based medicines are a valuable healing supplement for cancer patients. Same result for two other researches on patients with ulcerative colitis and on those who suffered from anxiety deriving from having to speak in public. The fact that it is useful, however, must not imply that it is miraculous and heals from these or other diseases. There is no doubt that it helps many diseases and ailments, both psychological and physical, but it is not a cure.

CBD turns into THC in the stomach. FALSE

It is false news that had spread a few years ago following a study, later revealed to be inaccurate and full of inaccuracies, conducted by a pharmaceutical company. Certainly the intake of CBD releases traces of THC in the digestive system but we are talking about quantities so small that they have no effect on our body.

CBD is addictive. FALSE

Addiction is a condition that affects both the body and the mind and originates from the release of dopamine in the brain. By continuing to use dopamine-activating substances, the body becomes dependent on these substances and accuses them of missing them. Which does not happen with CBD. CBD is not habit forming. A study conducted in the USA in 2015 by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NDI) shows that the “safe drug” CBD that does not create addictive effects.

CBD is not psychoactive. True

This is a somewhat controversial point in that the term psychoactive refers to what affects the brain. CBD is not psychoactive, however “it is able to modulate the action of THC in the brain, prolonging its duration of action and limiting its side effects” (source: Association of Therapeutic Cannabis)

So what’s the truth?

The effect of relaxation that can be felt thanks to CBD is in no way comparable to the “high” effects caused by THC instead. It is also not addictive. If considered CBD, CBD would certainly not have the same level of psychoactivity as THC. Other research instead favors a classification of CBD as a “non-intoxicating” substance

CBD can only be extracted from marijuana. False

Of course, hemp is also suitable for use in obtaining CBD. The main difference is that Marijuana contains THC, the substance responsible for the high, and hemp does not.

Our CBD products are according to the law as they contain a THC percentage lower than 0.2%. Actually Hemp and Marijuana are the same plant, but the uses and effects are different. In common parlance Marijuana indicates the “illegal” plant, while Hemp is the “legal” plant. The lexical distinction was made in the 1930s in the USA when marijuana was banned and made illegal.

CBD can cause side effects. TRUE

As with all other substances, if you overdo it you can run into side effects. As far as CBD is concerned, the side effects are mild and occur only if the recommended doses in a massive amaniera are exceeded. So stick to the recommendations and you won’t run the risk of diarrhea, loss of appetite and chronic fatigue.

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