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You’ll don’t even spot the difference between our flowers and the “classic” ones. You will find out just from the benefits of the CBD in your body! Change the flowers, not your routine!

If usually you use hashish no problem at all! We get that one as well, a concentrate of CBD! If you don’t like to smoke, use a few drops of CBD oil for benefits from it.

What’s make great a passion? Great accessories! You know that your spliff will not be the same without your accessories. And you don’t know what you need till you see it so, check it out!

The hemp remains fresh in summer and warm in winter. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is able to absorb body moisture by keeping it dry; it also absorbs infrared and UVA rays up to 95%.

More Hemp, less nylon!

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Enter to our blog for the latest news about hemp.


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