cbd ottimo rimedio sonno

Legal cannabis for sleeping, an excellent remedy.

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cbd ottimo rimedio sonno

The current frenzied rhythms give us less and less time for activities that seem unimportant, but which are actually fundamental. One of these is sleep. We sleep less and less and this negatively affects personal well-being. Sleeping, and above all, sleeping well, brings unimaginable benefits that can literally change the life of each of us. The number of hours of optimal sleep varies from person to person but we can say that an adult must sleep at least 7 hours per night, doing so will benefit from several aspects: increase in productivity and concentration, less risk of gaining weight, better management of the body’s consumption of calories, improvement of athletic performance, lower risk of heart disease, improvement of social life, lower risk of depression, lower exposure to inflammation, strengthening of the immune system.

The reasons why the quality of one’s sleep is poor can be varied, both physically and psychically. Heart problems, chronic illnesses, stress, wrong habits are all factors that put our response at risk.

In this regard, CBD is a substance that can meet us . The Chinese were pioneers in the use of cannabis to promote sleep: as early as 1200 BC we find medical texts that testify to it. Recently, more and more people are using legal cannabis to sleep.

Una research has shown that CBD actually promotes sleep THC may also help, but the beneficial effects are limited to the short term and sleep quality will tend to deteriorate if THC intake is prolonged over time.

How does CBD affect sleep?

Cannabidiol can improve both the phase preceding sleep, therefore helping us to fall asleep faster, and the actual sleep phase. We are still in the beginning but it seems that the beneficial effect of CBD has to do with the interaction of endocannabinoids with proteins, receptors and chemicals present in the brain. Myrcene too, a type of terpene present in cannabis helps sleep because it has sedative effects.

CBD helps sleep as it acts on anxiety and stress, in particular it helps regulate cortisol, the stress hormone, which has a significant impact on sleep cycles. Even those who suffer from chronic pain that cause insomnia can find a valuable source of relief in CBD.

CBD has been shown to help relax muscles, even those with Parkinson’s. This would help you sleep faster. A typical case of use can be indicated after intense physical activity conducted at the end of the day. Despite tiredness it is sometimes difficult to fall asleep because we are still stimulated by endorphins, taking a little CBD can definitely help.

Even pregnant women, who are often subject to nausea, stress and anxiety, can find valuable help in CBD. In this regard, the World Health Organization has not identified risks for this category of people.

How to take CBD for sleep?

There is no general rule, and the optimal dosage is achieved only by experimenting. Here you can read some valuable information about the dosages

You can use for example the oil , the effects of which will be slower to manifest but will last longer compared to other products. In general, to take effect, it is recommended to take CBD 30-60 minutes before going to bed.

And did you use legal cannabis to sleep?

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