gli infiniti utilizzi della canapa

The (infinite) uses of hemp

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gli infiniti usi della canapa

Hemp is a plant from whose female inflorescences cannabis light is obtained, or if you want legal. The uses of hemp in all its forms – extracts, fabrics etc etc – are manifold: from the medical field, to clothing for recreational purposes.

Unlike cotton, hemp requires minimal pesticide use. It also acts as a herbicide because, due to its structure, it is tall and thin, it prevents the formation of weeds. The fabric obtained from it makes it suitable for all seasons. In fact, hemp clothing keeps warm in winter and cool in summer, they absorb body moisture and keep it dry. They last three times longer than cotton garments, protect against UV rays and are cheaper than cotton on average. As soon as they are worn they can be a little stiff but after some washing it softens considerably.

Hemp can also be used in the kitchen and is highly appreciated by those who conduct a vegan diet because the oil obtained from it is considered an alternative as much as fish oil. It is in fact rich in omega 3 and is generally used in soups, cereals and smoothies. It is very nutritious, just think that 100 grams of peeled seeds bring about 600 calories to our body, 5% of which are water, 5% carbohydrates, 49% fat and 31% protein.

Animals can also benefit. In general, intake is via capsules. Hemp can also be used to make plastic, or rather bioplastic. The use is not yet widespread but we are sure that due to the problems that traditional plastic is creating, bioplastic will become increasingly important. Still in the embryonic phase is the use of hemp as fuel, called “hempoline”, would replace diesel in engines.

The first to use hemp to make paper were the Chinese around 200 BCE, who had previously sensed its use to treat physical pain. In addition to being more sustainable, it is also more durable, in fact, hemp paper does not turn yellow like traditional paper. It also performs very well as a building material, it is resistant, insulating and light. Hemp boards are an interesting alternative to wooden boards.

We can also extract oil from hemp or use its inflorescences to benefit from the multiple properties of CBD.

CBD has significant beneficial properties: relieves pain, reduces anxiety and depression, helps those suffering from insomnia, is useful against acne, has beneficial effects on the heart, is useful against diabetes, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is used in treatment of epilepsy.

CBD can be taken in various forms: CBD oil, extracts, legal hashish etc etc.In the form of oil it must be taken in drops to be placed under the tongue. On the dosage of CBD oil we have already spoken in a previous article. You can also smoke in a cigarette or with a vaporizer, we do not recommend its use because, in some countries, it is illegal to smoke it, the sale is legal only for technical purposes.

For topical use, hemp can be found in cream or gel and relieves skin pain and inflammation.

As you can see, hemp can have different uses, but there are still many people who are not aware of it, also because institutions and multinationals, despite the progressive decriminalization, still seem little inclined to recognize the properties and uses of this precious plant.


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