CBD and Sport, a possible combination

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cbd e sport

Maybe at first glance associating CBD and sport may seem like a gamble, but already those who are more knowledgeable about effects of CBD will be able to understand the benefits that sportsmen could derive from hiring. Given the scepticism that still gravitates around hemp, we would not be surprised if someone turned their mouths up reading the title of this post. We at The Spliffer are aware of this, and scepticism is one of the reasons that led us to offer our products online.

As for professional athletes, with the exception of some leagues, the use of CBD is allowed. The WADA in fact, the worldwide Anti association -Doping has delisted the use of cannabidiol among the doping substances. All restrictions concerning the THC.
In particular, Wada has established that all cannabinoids, synthetic and natural, are prohibited, namely:

Cannabis (hashish, marijuana) and cannabis products
Natural and synthetic tetrahydrocannabinols (THC)
Synthetic cannabinoids that mimic the effects of THC

Except: CBD

Legal products have a minimum THC percentage (not higher than 0.2%) which could however be revealed by a doping control, so if you make sport a profession, be careful and inform yourself well on the product you are going to use.

If instead you are not professional athletes the risk does not arise, even if in rare cases a drug test could detect traces of THC. In reality it would be a false positive, but it is good to take it into account if you do not want to run into complications. Using CBD in sports can actually help the athlete to recover from an effort. Whether you are a runner, you practice Muay Thai or any other sport, CBD can come to your rescue.


The answer must be found primarily in the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. After a competition or intense training, the muscle fibers undergo a sort of break and must be rebuilt, in fact, with adequate recovery. Failing this, the athlete is exposed to muscle, tendon and inflammation injuries.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD substantially relaxes the muscle and prepares it for a better recovery and faster. 

Not only that, it has recently been noted that cannabidiol can also help muscle growth , in particular it is useful for those who base their sport on muscle strength , for example body builders. In particular, CBD would favor anti-catabolism, the process that prevents muscle mass proteins from breaking up. This results in a reduction in muscle loss. This effect is also closely related to the improvement of muscle recovery.

Another use for the sportsman is indicated after an injury : whether it is a sprain, a contracture or something more serious, it causes pain. CBD relieves pain and allows us a less problematic course. Given its anti-inflammatory properties, it could also reduce recovery times.

If the previous uses can be useful in the recovery phase, taking cbd before a performance can favor it. In fact, CBD has proven anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties, so before an important test, CBD can help ease tension.

Even if you are runners who try their hand at long distances, CBD can be useful. It is well known that running (in reality also other sports but to a lesser extent), allows our body to release endorphins, substances produced by our brain that they give a sense of excitement. Well according to recent studies  it has emerged that this sensation involves the endocannabinoid system, which CBD helps regulate. So it could have indirect effects on the release of endorphins.

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