Let’s discover the hemp. Useful information on the plant of the future

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Hemp is a plant that grows on practically all terrains, even on swampy or sandy ones. Thanks to this formidable adaptability we find it widely all over the world.

The best known is hemp (or cannabis) sativa, and for some it is the only species present, while for others, hemp indica and ruderalis are also part of this species. The height is between 50 cm per meter and a half, although it is possible to increase the height (or width) more, increasing the vegetative time.

Not everyone knows that the hemp plant is photo-periodic, that is, it grows and manages its phases (vegetative and flowering) based on the amount of light it receives in 24 hours. In this way the grower can prolong the vegetative phase by creating larger and more resistant plants.


Hemp can be used for many purposes, and could therefore prove to be an excellent investment. In fact, we find it used in the food, textile, pharmaceutical, recreational, bio-building and paper sectors

To learn more about the uses, read our article ” The (infinite) uses of hemp “.

The hemp market, which is now worth 4.6 billion dollars, is expected to reach 26.6 in 2025. The progressive legalization of hemp is certainly a key factor in the explosion of the sector and ease of cultivation is also an advantage.

As anticipated, this plant finds fertile ground in many environments, with the exception of particularly dry or cold areas. The ideal is a warm climate with draining soil rich in nutrients for the plant. It originates from Central Asia and the East Indies. The first uses date back to 8000 BC


In Italy, Sicily represents the ideal environment, just think that neglin the thirties the island was the second largest producer in the world. The ideal temperature for growing it is between 16 and 27 degrees. Very important is that the soil pH is between 6 and 7.5 ph

If the conditions are not met, you can think of growing it indoors, indoors or even in a greenhouse.

In optimal conditions, once planted the plant will germinate after about 3-4 weeks. An important thing is to always check that there are no weeds near our hemp plants, and eventually to eradicate them.

The growth cycle of a plant varies by the cultivation method and the grower. It takes an average of 1 to 5 months for the plant to complete the vegetative phase, 1 to 4 months for flowering. It is important that the freezing period has ended, otherwise it could damage the plantation.

The only plants that produce CBD-rich flowers are the female plants from which for example the oil can be extracted. To extract it there are several methods: with solvent, with olive oil, with CO2 or by hand

If you would like to produce CBD oil we advise you to extract it with olive oil, it allows you to obtain the best product, alternatively you can buy it on The Spliffer

Ours is an oil GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan, available with concentrations of cbd at 10 o 15%. The oil used to extract it is an mct vegetable oil based on coconut .

If you want to get CBD hashish instead, a very simple method is by hand. Rub the tops on your hands until you get a resinous substance on your hands, rub your hands until you get hashish balls. This technique is used in India and Nepal, however it is tiring and not very productive. We advise you to wash well before starting to avoid contaminating hashish and its flavor.
On The Spliffer you can buy a hashish very similar to the extractions found in Dutch coffee shops. It has a CBD percentage of 21% and of course THC is less than 0.2%.

Legal cannabis is effective against anxiety

What is anxiety?

anxiety is an emotional state characterized by tension and negative thoughts, on a physical level it manifests itself mainly with the increase in pressure. Contrary to what one might think, anxiety is a “necessary” emotion and in some ways it can be considered positive. That our brain and consequently the physical respond by raising the alert level is completely normal in objective dangerous situations. However, it becomes a disorder to be treated when it occurs disproportionately to the real situation.

It is a fairly widespread condition, so much so that almost one in ten people suffer from it. Taking CBD can have beneficial effects, if the anxiety-inducing state is chronic or long-lasting it is good to consult a doctor first.

The effects we experience during a state of anxiety are manifold:

    • Sleep disturbances
    • Irritability
    • Heart rate acceleration
    • Raising blood pressure
    • Muscle tension
    • Fatigue
    • Shortness of breath
    • Excessive sweating
    • Headache, stomach pain

There are several studies that justify the use of CBD to treat anxiety.

In 2010 the cannabidiol has been tested on subjects with general social anxiety disorder. The researchers tested two samples, one to which 400 mg of 99.9% pure CBD dissolved in oil was administered and another to which only the oil was administered as a placebo.

The results have convincingly shown that CBD actually reduced anxiety in the subjects who had taken it. Not only have these patients reacted well to overcoming anxiety, but the brain has somehow permanently changed the way we react to similar situations

In 2019 one was conducted study on some patients of a mental health clinic in Colorado. For three months, patients were given 25mg of CBD daily (in addition to the usual treatments). After the first month 79% of the patients experienced an improvement in their condition and after the second month there was a further improvement of 78%. There have also been cases where the condition has worsened, which is why in pathological situations it is recommended to seek medical attention. 

In general it has been found found that those who take CBD can actually benefit from it for many forms of anxiety: social anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized disorders and post traumatic disorders

Another situation in which the use of CBD has proved particularly effective is when you experience anxiety states resulting from having to speak in public. In 2017 a study a in this regard, highlighted the positive effects on people who took doses of 300 mg, the benefits were lower for dosages lower -100mg- or higher – 900 mg-

The reason why CBD helps to overcome anxiety in optimal quantities is to be found in its ability to bind well with some receptors that regulate the release of cortisol and adrenaline, hormones that cause anxiety.


How much CBD to take for anxiety?

If it is not for medical use, we will have to find the effective quantity. The optimal dosage varies according to several factors and depends on the person.

According to our experience and also according to other opinions we can start with 10 mg of oil per day, 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening, and gradually increase or even 15mg taken at three times of the day.

Have you already experimented with oil to calm anxiety? Let us know!

What does the CBD law say? An overview in Italy and abroad

Cosa dice la legge sul CBD?

The cultivation of hemp in Italy is regulated by the law 2 /december 2016, n. 42 , “Provisions for the promotion of the cultivation and agro-industrial supply chain of hemp” and entered into force on 14 January 2017. With this law it is established that “The cultivation of varieties of hemp … is allowed without the need for authorization “and that” … if at the end of the check the overall THC content of the cultivation is greater than 0.2 percent and within the limit of 0.6 percent, no liability is paid by the farmer who has complied with the provisions of this law “

So before buying or producing light cannabis products, always make sure that the CBD content respects the limits.

– Our products all have a THC% lower than 0.2% –

What is the situation in other countries? With different response times, each state is adapting and it seems that the real benefits of this substance are beginning to be understood.
In Europe, most states allow their production and consumption, but there are also those who limit or totally prohibit their diffusion.

One of them is Belgium . Cannabis Sativa is in fact part of the plants that cannot be grown, the same fate for CBD in Slovakia

There are many states where consumption and production are limited.

Among these is Germany . According to the law, the sale of CBD products is allowed only for medical, commercial and cultivation purposes. Recreational use is excluded. The THC content must in any case be less than 0.2%. Corrections and clarifications followed which basically brought the situation of CBD in Germany to the present state: CBD flowers are illegal, (isolated) oil is considered a drug, therefore it must be taken under medical prescription, coffee and tea CBD bases can be placed in limbo as the law is unclear about it. Full spectrum oil is freely salable, as long as the thc level is less than 0.2%

In Ireland , only oil extracted with cold pressing is legal, other methods, such as extraction by CO2 or other solvents, is illegal

In Norway , which is not part of the EU, for a product to be marketable it must have a zero THC percentage, the same goes for Sweden .

In Russia the situation is somewhat controversial because THC, its isomers and derivatives of tetracannabinol are prohibited. The cbd is not present in the list even if it is a THC isomer at all effects.

In Usa the situation varies from state to state. In general, it is legal in most states, some with restrictions or certification requests. There are no restrictions in Illinois, Hawaii or new Jersey, while CBD-based foods are not allowed in California. It is absolutely prohibited in Idaho, Iowa and South Dakota. If you want to see the complete list in the USA the find here . A this link a summary map of the whole world

In any case, it is always better to get informed in advance and in depth on the rules that regulate the consumption of CBD in a given country.